My Fishing Adventure: adult humor

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Personalized Books


This adult version of My Fishing Adventure pokes fun at your friend or spouse who never seems to have much luck catching fish.

“Although (he or she) rarely caught anything, (your friend’s name here) was hooked on fishing and would always be a kid at heart when it came to fishing. Your friend dreamed of being turned into Bobber Bear, along with a fishing pal, in order to win a big fishing contest, After all, bears often catch fish, unlike (your friend’s name here).”

Sinkers, flies, hooks and floats were found at The Best Little Lure House and a few munchies and cold beverages were added to round out their supplies. They found “the bites were incredible; unfortunately, only the mosquitoes and flies enjoyed the action.” Finally, a fish was hooked that was so big it started pulling their boat. Even more unbelievable, your friend is announced as the winner of the fishing tournament!

This version includes additional space to record their favorite beverage and excuse. All you need to add is a friend with a great sense of humor!

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  • For any adult who is hooked on fishing
  • This is a quality hard cover personalized book.
  • Washable hard covers
  • Fully illustrated color pages
  • 36 pages